Case Studies

customer experience

See for yourself how we are able to apply decades of experience and bright minds, meld research and technology together, and optimize the customer experience for our clients

We designed our platform to support CX programs, not to be the program

Delivering the desired customer experience and brand impact

Brand Strategy & Customer Experience Optimization

We assisted a client in rolling out a new overall business strategy that delighted prospects and delivered on the brand promise.

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Tactical CX

With new competitors were entering the marketplace, the client was looking for efficient solutions that could help them retain customers.

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Strategic Relationship

Finding it increasingly difficult to ‘move the needle’, a client needed an innovative way to examine the entire relationship with their customers that brought all interactions together.

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CX Survey

The client wanted to ensure that these technology enhancements created a positive change for their customers.

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CX Multivariate Model

Understand what the most important interactions are in the customer experience so you can emphasize these and improve your business.

Customer Census

Phoenix saw lost customer research as an opportunity to learn from those who had already left and to get in front of issues on those at risk.

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CX Competitive Advantage

The gaming & hospitality industry published guidelines to keep customers safe, but our client begged the question – is that enough?

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Customer Journey

The client was unsure of how to best approach this challenge and provided Phoenix an opportunity to propose a solution.

Consistency in CX

Consistency is key to loyalty and creating an environment where teams can easily understand how they perform relative to their own goals ensures that performance stays consistent throughout the organization.

Competitive Customer Experience (CCX)

Understand what true brand position looks like

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Patient Experience

Going beyond customer SAT data to understand the full hospital patient experience

Customer Experience

Understanding the Mobile Journey through creative analytics

Concept / Product Development

Taking a consumer tech product into the professional market

Customer Experience / Satisfaction

Retail testing to improve toy sales

Attitude and Usage / Market Landscape

Telephone interviews with decision-makers in emerging market yields differentiated bank positioning

Target Marketing

Research informs cross-selling strategies for short-term and longer-term sales

Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.